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Spiritof76 is starting out the new year with a new format - one aimed at better presenting our readership with an increasing archive of 18th century online resources.  Previous constraints to past publications have since been lifted, and we are making every effort to take advantage of the potential this publication has to offer.  The internet is a vast resource, and our goal is to bring 18th century America and the american revolution to our readers in a format that is informative, educational and entertaining.  We welcome your comments and suggestions, and as this site continues to develop, we  hope that it does so with the help and guidance of our readers.


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As has always been our custom, Spiritof76 will continue to provide free hosting for Revolutionary War parks and living history groups.  the following historic parks are currently included with this  site:

Washington Crossing Historic Park

Fort Mifflin

Fort Ticonderoga

Renewed efforts are underway to include a sizable listing of Revolutionary War living history units on this site.  We will gladly link to a unit's site as well as provide formatted hosting services for any unit not currently online.  Click here to view those units currently part of this site.  Any unit wishing to be represented herein please click here for details.

The Revolutionary War TimeLine is being developed using a compilation of period reference books and periodicals.  This section is under a constant state of development as we research material to add to these pages.


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At the corner of Northampton and Second streets in downtown Easton, PA stands the 1753 Bachmann Tavern and Publcik House.  Built in 1753, the Bachmann structure has been a witness to Easton's entire development from its infancy as a frontier village to the present day.  Throughout its 248 years the building has stood in both active and abandoned states and has housed a variety of businesses all the while retaining 80% of its original fabrication.  now owned by the Easton Heritage Alliance, the exterior renovation of the building was recently completed and work has begun on the interior.  we will be revisiting the progress of the Bachmann project in feature articles throughout the coming  months.

This publication continues its support of G. Gedney Godwin, Inc.  We stand by Godwin's as the world's leading supplier of 18th century military and civilian reproduction goods -  a truly great resource.  

Spiritof76 also welcomes Tentsmiths to the Spiritof76 network.  Tentsmiths produces period tentage for every century, and we speak from experience when we say that their tents are the best around.

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Parts of this site may be off-line as the content is being updated.  If a problem persists, please email us with the details and we'll do our best to resolve the problem in a timely manner.

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