On patrol off Fort Mifflin in Delaware Bay

P E N N S Y L V A N I A 
S T A T E    N A V Y
A    R    M    E   D     B    O    A    T
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The HORNET under full sail on Lake George, NY

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The HORNET moored at Fort Mifflin

Welcome to the home of the Pennsylvania State Navy, Inc.  The current Navy was incorporated in January, 2000 as a non-profit corporation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The mission of the Navy is to educate the public about the American Revolution, the Pennsylvania Hunting for loyalists in Clinton, NJState Navy of 1775 to 1781 and the defense of Philadelphia in the fall of 1777.  This is accomplished through living history reenactments and public educational programs at State Parks and historic sites throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. On our web-site, you're going to get top assignment help around australia, swiftly.

The HORNET was purchased by Damian Siekonic in August of 2000.  She is an 18' long Hankins Skiff made of cedar plank over oak.  When purchased, she was already restored to modern standards with nylon sails and rigging, plastic mast hoops, bronze oarlocks, stainless steel stays, an engine mount and plastic cleats.  During the winter of 2000-2001, the crew stripped all of her fittings and began the transformation.  Peter Marques of Tentsmiths custom-made the cotton canvas sails.  New oars were purchased, and the crew custom-made the oak cleats & fittings, thole pins, tiller bar and swivel gun mount.  A one pounder swivel gun is mounted in the bow, and two boarding axes hang inside under the rail.  Her sail rig consists of a jib and sprit-rigged main, rows four and is rated for eight men.

In addition to the HORNET, the Navy crews four full scale English 3 pounder cannon.  The cannon barrels, manufactured by Cannon LTD, have a bore size of 3"Two PSN 3 pounders on board the KALMAR NYCKEL during OpSail2000 and overall length of four feet.  On their carriages, each weighs just shy of 500 lbs.  Two of the  guns are currently on Muller naval carriages that the crew built in 2000, and plans are under way to complete the remaining two in 2003.

Plans are also underway to acquire additional vessels into the Navy's service.  Technical drawings are being considered for building a 26' row galley that will mount a full scale 3 pounder on a carriage in the bow.  If design specifications are agreed upon this year, construction may begin as early as winter of 2003. 

Summer finds the HORNET sailing the Delaware Bay, Vineyard Sound, Lake George and Lake Nockamixon as well as attending a host of 18th century tactical and living history events.

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