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S T A T E    N A V Y

E    N    L    I    S    T    M    E    N    T    S

The Pennsylvania State Navy, Inc. is a non-profit organizationto all people regardless of age, gender or race.  Anyone may join.  However, because much of the unit's activities takes place on the water and with large artillery, there are reasonable restrictions that should appear to be common sense to most people.  Regardless, we still find it necessary to spell things out.

First: In order to crew on board any vessel under the Navy's charge, you must be able to swim well and possess the strength necessary to work a vessel under laboring conditions.

Second: Because we deal with large artillery and considerable amounts of gunpowder, you must be willing to learn and perform a standard gun drill as laid down by the Pennsylvania State Navy instructions.

Third: Anyone not capable of working on board a vessel or being part of a gun crew is welcome either as part of an armed land detachment or as a campfollower or tradesman.

Lastly: Those wishing to enlist in the Navy must present themselves to the officers and crew of the PSN at an event prior to joining in order to meet the crew and see first hand what it is you're about to get yourself into.

Those wishing to join are required to pay yearly membership dues.  The fees for individuals and families are as follows:

Individual membership: $25
Family membership: $45

Out of these dues, $10 from the individual and $30 from the family memberships helps pay for the unit's minimum injury insurance required for members to attend events.  The remaining $15 is paid into the Treasury to provide for unit expenses over the course of the year.


~  S  A  I  L  O  R  S ,    L  A  N  D  S  M  E  N     &     M  A  R  I  N  E  S  ~

The Navy is divided into three groups of men, Sailors, Landsmen & Marines.  

The sailor is the backbone of the Navy.  He is capable of crewing a boat, ship or gun and partakes in landing parties and cutting out expeditions.  He gets wet a lot and doesn't complain (much).  The uniform & gear requirements for a sailor is:

  • Slops, trousers or breeches

  • Shirt (white, off-white, gray, natural, checked, etc.)

  • A wool work coat or sailors' coat

  • A waistcoat

  • Black neck kerchief

  • Leather belt

  • Stockings and garters (optional)

  • Shoes with buckles

  • A hat or head covering (plain tricorne, wool hat, felt hat, straw hat, head scarf, etc. - NO MILITARY COCKED HATS!)

  • A good knife

Sailors are not required to carry a firearm, but may be "issued" muskets, pistols, grenades or boarding axes accordingly.  They will need to purchase a cutlass and black shoulder carriage.

One third of the Pennsylvania State Navy were landsmen - men without maritime experience.  During the Revolution, the Navy took whatever men they could find, and since men were needed for the row galleys, anyone strong enough to work the oars in the Delaware Bay was a great improvement over no one at all.  There is no uniform stated for a "landsman", and the following basic guidelines for appropriate 18th century clothing will suffice:

  • Breeches

  • Shirt

  • Waistcoat

  • Wool coat (for cold weather)

  • Leather belt

  • Stockings and garters

  • Shoes with buckles

  • Any suitable non-military hat

Landsmen often learned the skills necessary to become a sailor.  Others with fighting experience, either from serving in a regular army or militia, joined the Marines.

The first marines to be recruited for the Pennsylvania State Navy were authorized by the Committee of Safety on March 3rd, 1776, more than eight months before Congress called for the formation of the Continental Marines.  There were marines assigned to every boat, galley and ship in the fleet.  They are Marines by definition...need we say more?  They wore a uniform similar to the Continental solder:

  • Brown wool coat with hunter green facings, collar and cuffs

  • White shirt

  • Black neck stock

  • White waistcoat

  • Leather belt

  • Tan breeches

  • White stockings and garters

  • Black gaiters

  • Shoes with buckles

  • Black military cocked hat trimmed in white

The Marine's arms and gear include:

  • Musket (2nd Model Brown Bess, Charleville, Committee of Safety Issue)

  • Cartridge Box on a white shoulder belt

  • Bayonet and tomahawk on a white shouldered double frog

  • Canteen

  • Haversack

  • Other accessories as required to maintain your firelock, etc.





Interested in joining the Pennsylvania State Navy?
The unit requires that anyone interested in joining 
attend one scheduled event to observe what it is like 
to reenact history with the Navy.  Reenacting is not
for everyone.  Belonging to this unit requires commitment, 
both in your time and to some degree your money.

                B E    W  A  R  N  E  D  !  !  !  

Email Damian Siekonic for more information.




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