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The 24th Connecticut Militia Regiment, Inc. is a recreated organized militia, as well as a non-profit organization composed of men and women who are deeply interested in preserving and recreating the life and times of the common people of the Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War era. Emphasis has been placed on the soldiers and women that served in the Army from the Wyoming Valley area of Connecticut. The dress or uniform of our unit is primarily militarized civilian clothing with a mixture of issued military items, as most of the soldiers were of the settlements in the Valley.

Our History
The 24th Connecticut Regiment of Militia was originally established in the Wyoming Valley by the Connecticut Legislature in Hartford in May, 1775. This area, now a part of Pennsylvania, was settled in 1769 and controlled by Connecticut until 1782 when it was given to Pennsylvania by the Continental Congress. Two independent Companies of the Regiment were established by the Continental Congress in August, 1776. The companies left the Wyoming Valley to join General Washington at Morristown on January 1, 1777. After Morristown they fought in the battles of Germantown, Brandywine, Fort Mifflin, White Marsh, spent the winter at Valley Forge, and fought in the battle of Monmouth. They were released after Monmouth to come back to the Valley for the Battle of Wyoming, which they arrived too late to be of any help. The unit was with General John Sullivan's march during the summer of 1779 into the Finger Lake region of New York to punish the Iroquois for the Wyoming Massacre. With the settlement of the dispute between Pennsylvania and Connecticut over the Wyoming Valley, the regiment was designated as a Pennsylvania State Regiment and its history continues unbroken through years to the present day as the 109th Field Artillery, 28th Division, The Pennsylvania National Guard.

Battles and Engagements
The 24th Connecticut Militia Regiment participated in the following battles and engagements:

January 20th, 1777 Skirmish at Millstone River, NJ
April 11th, 1777 Skirmish at Bound Brook, NJ
September 11th, 1777 Battle of Brandywine
October 4th, 1777 Battle of Germantown
November 12th, 1777 Relief of Fort Mifflin, PA
Winter 1777-1778 Encampment at Valley Forge
June 28th, 1778 Battle of Monmouth
July 3rd, 1778 Battle at Wyoming
September-October, 1778 The Hartley Expedition
July 31st - October 7th, 1779 The Sullivan Expedition

As a reenacted unit, we have participated in many battles in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Rhode Island and Quebec City, as well as encampments and demonstrations for civic organizations and municipalities. These offerings can be arranged for any organization. A fee is usually charged.

The 24th Connecticut Militia Regiment, Inc. is affiliated with the Brigade of the American Revolution, the Continental Line and the Living History Association. It adheres to strict authenticity, documentation and safety regulations of these organizations.

We welcome any individual who has an interest in living history and what life was like for the American man and woman in the 18th century during the birth of our country. New members must attend at least one meeting in order to see how we work and give us the opportunity to get to know you. Everyone pays an annual fee which is $10.00 a year. We give you one year to accumulate your equipment and during this year the members of the unit will loan you the extra equipment that they have. If you are interested in joining the 24th Connecticut Militia Regiment, Inc. and living as our forefathers did during the American Revolution, please contact one of the members of our unit listed at the top of the page.

Last updated June 30th, 1999

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