Groovy Venue

So, the 70’s were all about free love. But of course, both then and now, there are still plenty of us who want the traditional wedding and monogamous relationship. And that includes my best friend in this entire world, Jasmine. As is the duty of being “best friend in this entire world,” I’ve been going around with her to different venues to check out the best spot for her taste. Now, Jasmine is much more… Conservative than I am. So she didn’t really take me seriously when I suggested that she get married at the Dead and Co. show that’s coming up. (I understand… She just needs more time to plan). But really, while we were looking for venues, we had a tough time finding one that was eloquent without being rigid. Classy without being snobbish. Not too sophisticated and not too casual. In other words, she likes her porridge juuust right. So [ . . . ]

Music festivals are back

Dancing, music, freedom. That’s what any of the current music festivals are all about. And where do you think the inspiration came from? The 70’s of course! Of course, one of the most famous music festivals of all time was Woodstock (which was really in 1969, but close enough). This festival was the real inspiration to the many festivals you’ve seen since. Kids (18 and up) and adults alike are now all trying to relive those days. And when you’ve experienced one of these festivals, you understand exactly why. The sense of freedom and unity are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. At many of these shows, such as TomorrowWorld in Georgia and Burning Man in Nevada, festival goers will stay on the festival grounds in a tent. These turn into large communities for the weekend where campers can meet people from all over the world. Yes, WORLD. People will [ . . . ]

Why 76?

Some of you may be wondering why this is the “Spirit of 76” of all times. Well, as you could have guessed, I am indeed referring to the year 1976 when I say 76. The reason being… It was a time of freedom! At least from a mental stand point. People were open to different ways of thinking and living; open to a wide variety of interests and opportunities. Unlikely people were coming together with a meeting of the minds. It was a beautiful time. Of course, it was a difficult time in many ways as well, as you can’t always separate the good from the bad completely. But I’m here to focus on the good. I think that at this particular time in our lives, and on a global scale timeline, people are beginning to adopt a very similar mindset to that time. People all over the place are becoming [ . . . ]