Why 76?

Some of you may be wondering why this is the “Spirit of 76” of all times. Well, as you could have guessed, I am indeed referring to the year 1976 when I say 76. The reason being…

It was a time of freedom! At least from a mental stand point. People were open to different ways of thinking and living; open to a wide variety of interests and opportunities. Unlikely people were coming together with a meeting of the minds. It was a beautiful time.


Of course, it was a difficult time in many ways as well, as you can’t always separate the good from the bad completely. But I’m here to focus on the good.

I think that at this particular time in our lives, and on a global scale timeline, people are beginning to adopt a very similar mindset to that time. People all over the place are becoming increasingly interested in a myriad of hobbies, music styles and other cultures. Travel is becoming one of everyone’s top interests, with very different destinations such as India, China and many parts of Africa being prime locations.

This shift is what has started my desire to begin blogging in the first place. As I continue on my own personal reenactment of 76, I invite anyone else to join along for the ride.

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