Music festivals are back

Dancing, music, freedom. That’s what any of the current music festivals are all about. And where do you think the inspiration came from? The 70’s of course!

Of course, one of the most famous music festivals of all time was Woodstock (which was really in 1969, but close enough). This festival was the real inspiration to the many festivals you’ve seen since.


Kids (18 and up) and adults alike are now all trying to relive those days. And when you’ve experienced one of these festivals, you understand exactly why. The sense of freedom and unity are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

At many of these shows, such as TomorrowWorld in Georgia and Burning Man in Nevada, festival goers will stay on the festival grounds in a tent. These turn into large communities for the weekend where campers can meet people from all over the world. Yes, WORLD. People will fly all the way from may parts of Europe and South America just to enjoy these festivals.

burnign man

Depending on which festival you attend, there will also be opportunities for those attending to partake in many arts and cultural activities. You may see things from a range of energy healing and yoga to pottery classes and jewelry design studios.

The whole point of the festivals is to allow those there to let go, live in the moment and feel the freedom of the 70’s. Next time you hear about one of these festivals, go ahead and check them out. After all, tis the season!

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