Shall we shag now?

For those of you who actually caught the Austin Powers reference that is the title of this post, you may be disappointed to discover that this article is completely unrelated. I’m not talking about… that kind of shagging. I’m talking about shag carpet! Which I just got!!!
If you’ve never had the delight of experiencing the wonders of shag carpet, you’re missing out on all this:


Yeah… that’s right.

In case you can’t tell from the picture, shag carpet is basically the long haired dog of the carpet world. And it feels marvelous! When I told my mom this is what I was going for, she couldn’t help but laugh because, of course, it’s a wonderful product of the 70’s. One of their best in my own opinion.

I wasn’t entirely sure how difficult it would be to find shag carpeting but I went ahead and called the experts of carpet Greer, SC to find out. To my delight, it wasn’t hard at all. As it turns out, shag carpet is making a comeback. And if you ever step foot on one of these bad boys, you’ll quickly know why.

These guys I called, Floor Guru, (shout out for making my home that much more amazing!) actually came to my house to show me samples of the different kinds of carpet they had! And of course, within minutes, I found the shag carpet of my dreams. (I’m not embarrassed to say my face has rubbed up against the floor several times since the transition).

Seriously… if you’re in the market for new flooring, give the shag a shot.


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