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So, the 70’s were all about free love. But of course, both then and now, there are still plenty of us who want the traditional wedding and monogamous relationship. And that includes my best friend in this entire world, Jasmine.

As is the duty of being “best friend in this entire world,” I’ve been going around with her to different venues to check out the best spot for her taste. Now, Jasmine is much more… Conservative than I am. So she didn’t really take me seriously when I suggested that she get married at the Dead and Co. show that’s coming up. (I understand… She just needs more time to plan).

But really, while we were looking for venues, we had a tough time finding one that was eloquent without being rigid. Classy without being snobbish. Not too sophisticated and not too casual. In other words, she likes her porridge juuust right. So over the last few months, we’ve been to at least five venues a day. Who knew there even were that many in the area?! And just when I thought there couldn’t possibly be any more wedding venues in Greenville, SC, we stumbled across THE ONE.

She’d already found her perfect man. Now she had found her perfect venue.

This place is called Twigs Tempietto and is a pretty stunning venue, if I do say so myself, that’s pretty centrally located in the Greenville area. The venue is outdoors but the reception and ceremony areas are completely covered by some pretty swift awnings. My favorite part of it all is the vine covered patio where the wedding ceremonies are held. It had just enough of the earthy flavor for my 70’s taste and was just classically rustic enough for her slightly more sophisticated palate.


I already know after seeing this, it’s going to be perfect! And I couldn’t be anymore excited for my best friend.

I don’t know if I’ll be joining in on the traditional band wagon, as I prefer my VW. But if I ever do, this would be a good spot!

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